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Random Thoughts

Today is about random questions and observations; in no particular order, for no particular reason, holding no particular value. Just offloading some unnecessary baggage.

Observation: On the iconic news show “60 Minutes,” during the intro one of the hosts will sometimes say, “Those stories and more … tonight on 60 Minutes.” Thing is, there isn’t “more,” it’s just “those stories.”

Question: Do you ever, and I mean EVER, close your eyes, lick your lips and smile dreamily when you’re eating? (I didn’t think so.) Recently, I’ve seen at least three national TV commercials where someone has that exact eyes-rolled-back expression their face as they taste the food featured in the commercial. Makes me want to not buy the product, simply out of spite.

Happens on TV or in movies but not in real life: Maybe you have done this, but I haven’t: Awakened from a bad dream by suddenly sitting straight up, eyes wide open.

Observation: Every time the total at the grocery store ends on an exact dollar amount, either the checker or the customer says, “What are the chances?” The chances, people, are the same that you’ll end up at $10.00 as $10.12, $10.42 or $10.96.

Happens on TV or in movies but not in real life: I can’t remember ever entering my house at night without first turning on the lights. And, if I were scared or heard something strange coming from the home, then I’d for sure turn on a light.

Question: Why do most of the prescription medications we see on TV ads (the ones with endless side effects) have complicated, hard-to-pronounce, fabricated names? Is that good branding? Shouldn’t those product names be super-simple to remember?

Related question: How come happiness or laughter are never medication side effects? I think that would be cool. (Side note, seems from the commercials like most of these companies should add “obsessive biking riding” and “excessive picnicking” to their list of side effects.)

Happens on TV or in movies but not in real life: Splashing water on your face and staring blankly into the bathroom mirror after you’ve experienced a stressful situation or a difficult conversation.

Observation: The biggest lie we all tell ourselves: “This is the car we won’t eat in.”

Question: Recently, I saw someone with a relatively aggressive face tattoo. First of all, I’m fine with that. I mean, who am I? It’s cool if that’s what you want to do. But here’s an etiquette question: When I see someone with a face tattoo, am I supposed to make eye contact because they want me to see their ink, or is it rude because it will look like I’m staring at them (and possibly think I’m judging them, which I’m not)?

Happens on TV or in movies but not in real life: I’ve never been fired from a job, but if I were, I guarantee I’d have more than a single cardboard box for my stuff.

Observation: I don’t think we recognize bad writing or acting when we’re watching a show in a foreign language.

Question: What defines a “superstore”?

Happens on TV or in movies but not in real life: When two people are walking and talking, and one stops suddenly because they’ve just been told something surprising or upsetting.

Question: Is it just me or is “Don’t need money/don’t take fame/don’t need no credit card to ride this train,” from Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love” a terrible lyric?

Observation: After years of air travel and observing a LOT of airline passenger behavior, I’ve concluded I wouldn’t want to work in an airport, and I respect and value those who do it at all levels. From what I’ve seen, it’s thankless work.

That’s all. My “random thoughts” slate is once again clean. Thank you for your time.

© 2022 David R. Haznaw

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