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It's Not Writer's Block

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe that on some level, I can always write something, and often, that something – no matter how awful or boring it is – will lead to something else (which is less awful and not as boring).

This morning, I started three different essays. And after hammering out 350, 250 and 500 words respectively on various topics ranging from: 1) how and why I’m an early riser, 2) a culture that does not have the words “left” and right” in their language, so it uses only “cardinal” points (north, south, east, west), as in “you put your north foot in, you put your north foot out, you put your north foot in, and you shake it all about,” and 3) why I like airports, I decided none of those were worthy of your time or mine (not today, anyway).

So, while I’m not claiming writer’s block (because I could have hammered out 1,200 words on any of the above topics, but let me assure you, we’re all in a better place because I didn’t), I’m sparing all of us from the absolute drivel that was hitting the computer screen this morning. (Seriously, it was bad.)

Anyhoo, after swinging and missing at the first three proverbial pitches I saw, I’m just going to head back to the dugout and hope to hit the ball hard next time.

Meanwhile, you’re free to write your own piece about any of the topics above, but should you choose not to, I’m sure you’ll see them all from me in the future … just not today.

Cheers, peace, and enjoy the day.

P.S. If you want a fun exercise, try to get through the entire day without using “left” and “right.” That could be fun (but probably not).

© 2022 David R. Haznaw

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