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The Books

I Told You I Was Dehydrated 2022

I’ve never written a best-seller. Never won a book honor or writing award. Never had my work adapted for a screenplay or accepted into some celebrity’s book club. What I do have are stories, experiences, opinions, observations, and a desire to share them. I write for an audience of one… myself. However, if you choose to read my work, then you become the audience of one.

So, in essence, this book is about the two of us, what we observe, think, remember about our lives, and the power, frustration and vulnerability we see in ourselves. In their purest form, these essays are mine, but they also belong to anyone who chooses to read them. My hope is that you’ll enjoy them, identify with them and recall similar experiences you’ve had in your own life.


Music Has Legs Co-written with Marlene Byrne 2020


Based on the true story of Juan Manuel Pineda, an orphan whose journey began on the streets of El Salvador.


“From tragedy to triumph, this remarkable story reminds me that all things are possible when we show love to each others.” Bishop Ron Hicks, Diocese of Joliet, IL

A Year In Words 2019


In 2013, I challenged myself to write an essay a day for a year. This book is a sampling of those pieces: short, digestible stories, anecdotes and observations written “in the moment” each morning as they popped into my head.


A reader once told me this book is perfect “bathroom reading.” I’ll let you determine what that means; I took it as a compliment. I just wish my dad would have been alive to hear that review; he’d have loved it.

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