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Mayday! (Or May Day)

Due to circumstances completely within my control, I will not be providing any wit, wisdom, humor, tragedy, perspective or opinion this morning.

In other words, I will NOT discuss or explain May Day, a fading remnant of the Bolshevik Revolution traditionally celebrated on May 1 to honor workers' contributions to Russian society.

Nor will I be covering the history of "mayday," a word conceived as a distress call in the early 1920s by Frederick Stanley Mockford, officer-in-charge of radio at Croydon Airport, England. He had been asked to think of a word that would indicate distress and would easily be understood by all pilots and ground staff in an emergency.

So, please enjoy your May Day without me, but with my warmest regards, and please know that I hope today (May Day) proceeds without requiring a "mayday" in your life.

See you next week.

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