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"Note To Self"

What to do today? Maybe, it's more of an exercise in what not to do. I can't speak for you, but here's what I'm hoping to accomplish today (and hopefully, in the days to come, but "one day at a time," right?)

1. Don't say anything stupid.

I say a lot of stupid things every day, but in a normal world, those things get spread out over lots of people and places, where the damage (and the eye-rolling and sighing) is kept to a minimum. Now all my stupid comments are all concentrated in one place. (Think, David, think before you speak.)

2. Write nice notes to those you live with.

It all goes back to what the old folks always said: "Better seen than heard." People like notes with nice comments, especially when they're somewhat spontaneous. (WARNING: "Get toilet paper and cat food, and take out the garbage; it smells like death" is NOT an example of a note with nice things on it.)

3. Remember, 6 feet is a minimum.

Even more than the physical benefits of social distancing, it's important that I give those forced to "shelter" with me more -- often MUCH more -- than the 6 feet suggested by the CDC (or the NBA, or ASPCA ... I can never remember who does that stuff). For my sanity and the sanity of those with me, I'll do everything I can to stay away, hole up in a closet or just run around in the backyard, all for the greater good.

4. Text others.

I know, this is one of our biggest pet peeves as parents. The kids are texting "What's 4 dinner, yo?" from their bedroom. But going back to the "nice notes" and "trying to give space" items above, maybe some in-home texting ain't so bad. Keeps us connected, and often, we're nicer to one another.

5. Yell stuff from another room (as long as it's positive, kind or funny).

Again, as parents, we generally don't like those who yell in the house. But if it's done in good fun, and it's not nasty or stupid (refer to Item 1), it can be kind of fun if done in moderation. (Until, of course, it's not, and then it's everyone's responsibility to know when this little game is over.)

6. Take a damn shower.

'Nuff said.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my "shelter at home" to do list in case you were looking for ideas. Stay safe and healthy, everyone. See you on the other side (whatever the hell that means).

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